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Went Shopping!

Remember when I said I wasn't going to buy any new clothes this year? Because I really don't need anything and I don't have any more space? Well below is what happened...Warning the prices are ridiculous! Sears had a blow-out sale on Saturday and with my Mum's extra $10 dollars coupon everything below came to a total of $39.24! Whew :)

From left
1. Covington L/S Ruffle White Shirt
    Original Price (OP) $36.00
    What I Paid (WIP) $ 6.39

2. Kardashian Kollection Crepe Wrap Top
    OP:  $99.00 ( Really over priced, fabric is extreamly cheap)
    WIP: $6.39

3. Covington Dobby Bow Blouse
    OP: $40.00
    WIP: $3.59

From left
1. French Connection Crop Top
    OP: $36
    WIP: $2.89

2. French Connection Velvet Skirt
    OP: $48
    WIP: $ 4.99

Landsend Plaid Ballet shoes
OP: $49.50
WIP: $14.00

My Etsy Shop's Newest Additions

I added two new things to my etsy shop!


and Two!

Check them out here

Converse To Toms

There comes a day in life when great sacrifices must be made. That day came when a group of evil organizations decided that converse won't do in "sophisticated workplaces!" Can you believe that? I am trembling in sheer shock.  It was really heartbreaking at first until the question "What about Toms?" gave me pause.

It's still canvas, it does have an edge to it, and though nothing will ever replace the shrine in my heart for my darling converses, for now I will wear Toms to work and dare you call it unprofessional!

Jury Duty!

The notice came demanding that I serve!!! I was elated. Think about it, unless it comes at a very inconvenient time, Jury Duty is pretty up there with the cool. I was given a number to call and I called after 5pm each day for almost a week, then it was time to go to the courthouse.

After going through metal detectors, I was directed into a huge sitting area, almost auditorium like, and a police officer explained the 'blahs.' About 15 mins or half an hour later (I was reading, so my eyes weren't glued to my wrist watch), certain names were called and escorted out. I ignored them when I didn't hear my name and went back to my book. Then the next list of names were very wrongly yelled out and mine was one of them. We were made to form a queue, then escorted out by a security man through a hallway, into the elevator and into a classroom-like room. The lawyers came in and introduced themselves, told us a bit about the case and started trying to pick amongst us the best Jur…