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Broadway Review: The Road To Mecca

The Road to Mecca is the first play I have seen this year. Saw it on the 5th. I sat with an awesome friend and groaned, smiled, and clapped to this wonderful play.  It is befitting to start a new year with such inspiring messages.

If you have read my posts, then you have heard me whine about what a drag it is these days of high unemployment rate and the seemingly uselessness of a college degree.  You would also have read something about my having majored in English literature and minored in photography (who does that?), and are probably shaking your head to my having just applied to several schools for an MFA in Creative Writing: poetry to be exact. (Fingers crossed that I get in somewhere.)

The road to Mecca was the perfect play to see this month. Rosemary Harris is Miss Helen, a widow who lives all alone in the small village of New Bethesda, South Africa.  And according to her priest and "friend," Marius Byleveld (Jim Dale) creates "idols" on her Sundays.

The pla…

DIY: Recipe For Dry Skin

I have super dry skin which means that a few minutes after I exit the shower, my body looks and feels like a desert. I have used body creams that work for a few hours then leave me scratching madly. Extremely embarrassing.

Initially I bought a bottle of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil (or sometimes Safflower oil), coconut oil, pure lanolin oil and vegetable glycerine to make mixtures for my dry hair and I bought vitamin E oil for the dark spots on my face. Who knew that together they make a powerful body oil?! Perhaps everyone but me. My skin is now softer, smoother, and better yet moisturized. I hope this will work for you too.

What You Would Need

1. Extra Virgin Coconut oil (raw and organic for best results)
2. Jojoba oil
3. Sweet almond oil/safflower oil
4. Vitamin E oil  (The higher the IU the better)
5 Bottle to store oil in


1. Fill your bottle with about 1/10th of jojoba oil
2. Add 3/10th of coconut oil (you can melt it in a hot water bath)
3. Add about 2 to 3 table spoon…

Beautiful Day in NYC!

I woke to the sun. I leave my shades up so I can have this pleasure as often as I can. I have been lazy and  haven't worked out in ages. I can feel my muscles melting like that snow on...was it this Sunday it snowed? There's no trace of it now. But even I will not complain about how strangely nice it is today. No, I will bury my fears of global warming under the bare-legged populated sidewalks. I won't be miserable about it feeling like late spring in January. To prove this, I went to my favorite NYPL library: the Grand Central Branch. Great because it's almost hidden.  It is also small and very intimate, despite the glass enclosure of the entire front part of the lower library which brings in the street. Here is what I got to read (I was excited and I went crazy):

Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin
Lady Chatterler's Lover by D.H Lawrence
The Stranger  by Albert Camus
Ivanhoe  by Sir Walter Scott
Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut
The Complete Short Stories o…

Shopping Tips

Afternoon, YOU! :)

The forbidden is always too tempting, which is why I find myself dreaming about shopping. I must not succumb but I want to share with you my shopping tips.

1. Never, ever, ever, ever pay full price unless you need to. If you buy at full price, keep the tags attached. You may find it too expensive soon and a need to return.

2. Always make sure that you can get all your money back, You don't want to get stuck with a store credit because: A. It limits you to that particular store and B. You will still have to pay your credit card back (i.e. if you are like me and put everything on your plastic). C. Most often than not, you may spend more than the store credit! Therefore, more spending.

3. Shop online. Because A. The clothes often get to you without holes in them (especially if you love clearance items), and B. They always feel like you were the first one to try them on.  You can return most items to their physical stores near you, instead of going through all the …

Happy New Year and Happy Resolutions

I haven't been here in writing, but I've been to  read my ramblings. Gosh, loads of the stuff here need editing. I will edit when I am a bit more sane.

It's 2012!!! Yes, it's been so for twenty days now! I know, I know. I have been buried in a place where all things are equal in that nothing matters, so 2011 or 2012 made no difference. I'm out now, and everything feels awesome, though I am a little upset that the winter's been disappointing: not cold enough.

I thought I would share my New Year Resolution with you:

1.  No milk! ( I have failed this about four times already, but I am not going to be a real loser by giving up. I am addicted to this stuff, and it makes me break out so much.)
2.  Buy absolutely no clothes! (I have zero space in my closet but I crave more clothing)
3.  Make budgets and stick to them. (This is freaking HARD, it's a struggle every second.)
4.  Add more resolutions during the year

I'm going to try and be here five times a week.…