Museums: MoMA Adds New Meaning to TGIF

Remember the last time you were at MoMA? I couldn't and it is why I was very excited to visit and see what was new. My excitement turned bitter when I found out my CUNY ID no longer got me in for free. What the heck? Oh don't tell me I have already graduated. I know that.  I had a good plan which shall remain a secret.

Consider yourselves warned, mates. Unless it is Friday between the times of 4pm and 8:30 pm when you can get free admission, you will need $25 to get beyond that cozy lobby of theirs. If you are a student, it will be $14 after you show them that ID, and if you are sixteen and under, you, of course, get in for FREE! Gosh, perhaps I should get an ID that says I'm sixteen!  It's $18 if you are 65 and above.  Life is too expensive for an unemployed college graduate. Now I should go spend my time with the Occupy Wall Street Movement! I hear there's free food. As always, thank you soooo much for reading and do follow and or comment!

*Tickets are a (very) few dollars cheaper when purchased online.



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