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Loom Knitting: Martha Stewart Loom Review

Making things take me to a sort of zen zone. Hence my shop which is empty at the moment but will have a couple of awesome accessories I'm currently working on soon.  I went to the  Michaels  on Metropolitan Ave in Queens last Sunday to buy a knitting hook for my loom. And spotted the Martha Stewart loom for the very first time.  It looked so delicious, I had to have it——despite the fact that I have no money. :( With my 40% coupon, for joining their mailing list, I got the loom for  $23.99. It was originally 39.99

Enough chit-chat, here's what you need to know. The knitting hook is ridiculously delicate! You have to treat it like a new born baby or it's going to snap! Like mine did. The problem is that you can buy other hooks for it, but good luck finding a hook as skinny and as fun to use as the original one. I find it the safest when used for purl stitches and loose e-wraps. The knit stitches can be a bit of a headache if you are an amateur like myself.
Luckily, Michaels…

Union Square's Got An Elephant Standing On It's Trunk!

Gran Elefandret is the title of the bronze statue by Miquel Barcelo on exhibition at Union Square. This great elephant shall remain in the air until May 2012.  Go see it!

-- Jane

Broadway Review: Venus In Fur

Okay Broadway fanatics, it's not really showing yet. It does start on November 8th.  However, I got lucky and saw a screening at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre last Wednesday.
Venus in Fur by David Ives is loosely based on the book by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. It is played by a cast of two: Nina Arianda and Hugh Dancy. I believe it is my first time seeing Dancy on Broadway and I won't ever forget him now.  I knew Arianda from the Broadway play Born Yesterday.  She was captivating then and she is even more mesmerizing now.

These two kept me glued to my mezzanine seat. There wasn't an intermission (probably because it was a screening) yet it moved along very quickly.  Hint: If you can, get a mezzanine seat, especially for this play. You get a better sense of things looking down. Arianda played an almost similar role to her debut performance in Born Yesterday, where she went from a childish mistress into a confident semi-educated woman. In Venus in Fur, she acts a silly youn…


I wasn't going to do a YouTube find today, but then I came across this video and I just, just had to share it with you. I didn't know about Melanoma. Perhaps you do, and perhaps like me, you didn't. Well we need to know about it. It's evil, mate. Mad EVIL.

Your Shopping Bag, Your Shower Cap!

Joblessness usually equals to the smell of rotten poverty and a hyper muse of creativity. Unless, of course, you have one of those dead rich relatives who left you a roof-top apartment with a view of Central Park and enough money to afford the HOA fees for 500 years, or you live with rich relatives who make sure you can afford proper shower caps! It's all cool as long as you are happy, mate.

I braided my hair recently. Pics coming soon, I promise! I promise!! And I needed a bigger shower cap. I thought about buying one, but my financial crises gave me a pause and dragged my creative mind from hibernation. We came up with using my H&M shopping bag as a shower cap!
Mate, it's sooo good, I will probably keep using it after I get myself a dead rich relative! 

Museums: MoMA Adds New Meaning to TGIF

Remember the last time you were at MoMA? I couldn't and it is why I was very excited to visit and see what was new. My excitement turned bitter when I found out my CUNY ID no longer got me in for free. What the heck? Oh don't tell me I have already graduated. I know that.  I had a good plan which shall remain a secret.

Consider yourselves warned, mates. Unless it is Friday between the times of 4pm and 8:30 pm when you can get free admission, you will need $25 to get beyond that cozy lobby of theirs. If you are a student, it will be $14 after you show them that ID, and if you are sixteen and under, you, of course, get in for FREE! Gosh, perhaps I should get an ID that says I'm sixteen!  It's $18 if you are 65 and above.  Life is too expensive for an unemployed college graduate. Now I should go spend my time with the Occupy Wall Street Movement! I hear there's free food. As always, thank you soooo much for reading and do follow and or comment!

*Tickets are a (very) f…

Runway: Sweet Spring 2012 RTW

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I Fell Hard For African Wax Prints

Yes, I said I was going to put up pictures of my braids today. No, I will not do what I said I was going to do. I am going to wait until my best friend sees it first. I want to blow her away with their awesomeness first then I will post the pictures. For now, you my dearest reader must contain yourself with my love for African Wax Prints.

Prior to going to Ghana, I thought Ghanaian or African wax prints were just alright. In Ghana right now wax prints are very in, and you see them worn every where in such elaborative creativity! It's just soooo hot, I couldn't help but want to be apart of the trend. I pride myself in being a trendsetter, not a trend follower, but this time around I was like forget it!

I, of course, don't have any money to go all out buying wax print fabrics and getting custom made jackets, jackets, jackets, and a dress, or two, or a few skirts. Gosh! I need a job.