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Chimney Cake Opening In L.I.C

I met an awesome woman today. Anna is on the threshold of realizing her dreams to become a business owner, baking and selling fresh and delicious chimney cakes (yummy!) in Long Island City.  Talking to her, she admitted to being nervous and excited at the same time. I would be too, if I were in her shoes and I think she's being really brave and doing something really awesome. " I am afraid that the store would open and no one would come in the entire day!" She confessed.  I doubt this would happen.  Chimney Cake is the name of the pastry shop, and cleverly, it would be the main pastry sold.  She's going to have freshly made ice-tea and lemonades, coffee and other drinks and beverages available for your devouring power. The inside of the shop is tastefully painted in orange and buttercup yellow, with a floor to ceiling glass wall welcoming in the street and tons of light.

What do you know about Chimney cakes? Up until recently, I had never heard of it.  According to W…

Three Tips on Writing Cover Letters

Hello you wonderful reader! I had a job interview today, yay me! I am not sure how it went but time will give me that answer. Anyway, the employer (who happened to be a big deal) was soo generous to give us (it was a group interview) some tips on writing cover letters. And because this blog looks out for the unemployed (especially my fellow unemployed undergrads), I am going to share these tips with you!

1. Follow instructions You know it's a tougher economy. This means that soo many people are applying for that single position you have applied to. The employer disclosed to us that they actually got over 150 applications.  Obviously, they only need one person, so they needed to get rid of the rest.  This is how they sorted things out.  First they got rid of those who didn't follow the instructions.  For instance, the job listing asked that both cover letter and resume be copied and pasted into the body of the email. If you did otherwise, you were immediately tossed to the sid…

Photography: Irene's Aftermath

I went for a walk yesterday evening and it was a thrill.  The wind bullied in such a fun way. I got pushed, pulled, blown up and down. It was exhilarating. But I was a little afraid. What if something cam flying and ended me, splattered on the pavement? Yet I couldn't stop giggling and laughing. I felt like a child in the strong wind. Like gravity was confused. Below are some scenes I saw on my walk.  I really hope Irene didn't bug you too much!

Runway: Inspiring Fall 2011 RTW

In no particular order here are some of my favorite Fall 2011 Ready To Wear(s)...
All images from:

From left;  1&2 Anna Sui 3 Duro Olowu 4 Christian Siriano 5 Betsy Johnson

DIY: Yarn Bracelet


Pinkberry Vs Red Mango

Hello fellow froyo fanatics! And if you have to ask what froyo is then you are, of course, not a fanatic. Froyo = Frozen yogurt.

This is really for my fellow New Yorkers.  Here is my point of view on the Pinkberry vs Red Mango debate.  Honestly I don't consider the other froyos i.e Wildberry, Sixteen Handles, Yogurtland and what-have-you.  When I'm about town and craving a freebie I like to put my sampling cap on, and go from store to store sampling.  I have no shame and no money, sue me! :)

I worked at Pinkberry for a while but I am not being biased here.  I am on the Pinkberry side of the fence because of the taste and the service.  I love sour and Pinkberry delivers sour, in a friendlier way than Red Mango does.

Pinkberry got my heart because it's got the "tangy" thing going.  Not as strong as I wish it could be, but good enough. When I want a stronger taste, I go for the real thing from the next grocery store!
How about you, do you swear by Red Mango or  by…

Get A Hobby

Especially to the undergraduate out there who is thinking of ways to bury the scary loans.  No, I didn't do what you did, I went to a CUNY and I paid all my expenses with my part-time jobs and Financial Aid, however, I still get you because I am jobless too, and I know I would freak out and tear my hair out if I have to worry about paying loans too.

This is why you need a hobby.  Something to keep you sane, take your mind away from the lousy economy and all the jobs that said "No, you are under-qualified" and "No, you are over-qualified" and the internships that expects you to have three years experience and work for 39 hours a week without pay.

I write, it is not really a hobby, I love doing it and I am taking it seriously so it is work to me.  I am a photographer and I think of it as work too, despite the fact that I love shooting. Have you been wanting to learn anything and couldn't do it because there were too many tests to cram for? Well now is the ti…

My Favorite Places To Shop!

Something happened to me during my freshman year in college.  Suddenly I couldn't bring myself to wear the same outfit twice. I slapped myself out of the habit after I graduated. I can't afford to shop.  I was shopping almost every day. Working at Marshalls didn't help either. I kept giving back my paycheck to the store every Friday.  I had very little capital but I only bought the best I could afford and the fun thing is, I purchased expensive labels for a fraction of their cost.  Okay so here are my favorite places for bargains:

Marshalls/T.J. Maxx
When I think of these two stores, I think of everything. You just never know what you would find there.  I usually go for cute dresses under $20, soft and nice sweaters under $20, designer shoes for ridiculous prices, cute intimates under $20,  luxurious and organic shampoos/conditioners for a steal, and beautiful stockings  and socks for almost nothing! I'm addicted to stockings, and I love getting them here because I ha…

A Review: Traces

Friday August 5th,  That was when I saw Traces at the Union Square Theatre.  Before I got there I was secretly yawning in anticipation of the show; "They are all the same," I was crying within.  Wrong! They are not all the same.  Traces was...still a bit speechless.

Saw my very first Cirque Du Soleil a month or so ago, Zarkana, the summer 2011 show and I yawned to tears.  My group wanted to leave during the intermission and I was like "No, lets stay! I paid MTA to bring me here!" (I am not a big fan of the MTA.) Traces, mates, is loads, loads better.  They have a great stage presence, a beautiful stage presence! They are young, and though awfully good looking, they kind of look like you and me. But that's not the point.  The point is that they do these insane stunts and make them seem effortless.

The show is tailored to the contemporary. Six men, one woman and they come wearing black trousers, black jackets and white——clean white shirts.  They all introduce t…

I Love Misfits. I HATE^3 Pigeons!

I have been gone for a bit, except Monday, the entire of last week.  I didn't feel like posting so I didn't.  Sue me :) Better yet, don't, I am still as broke as ever.

M I S F I T S is this U.K series on Hulu that I am absolutely in love with. It has fallen to the top of things that make my Mondays.  What is it about? Go take a peek! It is free, you've got nothing to lose, except time! Alright, alright I'll give you a little summary.  It's about five teenagers who have been rewarded a huge amount of community service for committing misdemeanor. They become a group after a disturbingly cool storm left them with super powers.  The storm also gave their case worker super powers, but his powers controlled him, and he became a raving murder.  He tries to kill "the gang" and they kill him instead.  This murder party brought the group much closer.

My favorite character is Nathan, played by Robert Sheehan.  This character is sick.  He is the kind of person …

Book Review: Super Sad True Love Story

Delectable! Funny, and extremely well written. My boyfriend tries to get me to read from his New York Best Sellers' "Good Books To Read" list.  And I, of course, ignore him with constant rolling of my eyes.  On Monday, I caught him reading Gary Shteyngart 's Super Sad True Love Story and he started babbling about how good it was.  So I read the first page (my indisputable method of finding out if a book interests me or not).  Not before long,  I was on page 5 and begging for the chance to finish it, "I am a faster reader than you!" I argued, but I was ignored.  I got the book on Wednesday and started reading on Saturday.  I finished it at 1am this morning.

SSTLS has everything. Tons of imagination, realistic description of places, life, love, hate, great style of writing and a satirical but acute insight.

Imagine a United States that has lost its economical power to China (ahem!).  Imagine New York in the hands of the Chinese government who could choose to…

Broadway Review: Memphis

The best musical I saw this year.  I am not being dramatic.  I promise.  It was really good.  I've been hoping to see Memphis for a while now, but my secret and currently only affordable way to Broadway shows couldn't come up with the tickets until this Wednesday.  It was worth the wait.
The music was fun, full of life and most inspiring.  The acting was believable: Chad Kimball (Huey)  was rather impressing. I found him mostly amusing when he converses with his mother and later his boss.  The theme could easily be phrased "music unites." The story is about a caucasian who loves soul music and crosses the borders of society into an African American neighborhood to listen and sing with them.  He is uneducated but he has a great ear for music and this talent takes him far.  He becomes a presenter at a radio station and he brings with him his African American musician.  He falls for an African American woman but the law prohibits their being together.  The rest of the s…

My Favorite YouTube Hair Channels

On my way to a show yesterday evening, I run into a friend who recently went natural (a term used by people of African descendants to describe hair un-straightened by chemicals) and we were talking about the frustration of styling the so called Kinky hair.  It's not an easy thing to tame and grow this  texture of hair.  It is, however, all the reasons why it is so much fun to take care of it.  Natural hair is challenging to maintain and it teaches you so much about yourself, heaps loads into the stream of your self-confidence and teaches you a thing or two about patience.

I have been "natural" most of my life.  Every Ghanaian know why.  It's not proper in the Ghanaian culture to relax or chemically straighten ones hair until they are adults.  Probably until their university years.

Though I have had my hair in its original state for the longest time, I never bothered taking care of it. I cut it every month, tamed it with vaseline and combs when I remember to.  I know …

A Cheap Way To Broadway and Off Broadway Shows

If you are like me, you love Broadway shows.  Even the terrible ones get you excited.  But you did rather buy ten dresses from Daffys (my favorite store to buy dresses. Unbeatable prizes!) than buy a ticket for a show that will probably land you at the last row of the mezzanine, with at least three giraffes seating in front you (left, center, right)! By now your motto is "Life is FREAKING unfair," but it's alright cause you are strong and you are made for this world!

Ok to the point.  HIPTIX! You've heard? Then stop reading.  If you are thinking "what?" then keep reading.

I know there are other ways to get discounts.  But if you have graduated, like me, the student discount doesn't apply anymore! I know.  It is a sin.  Hiptix let you see those awfully expensive shows for $20 or less! Last fall I got a $10 ticket for a play! Cheaper than movie tickets. And I got a fantastic seat. Left orchestra, third row, no giraffes!!!  I saw "The Language Archiv…

Goooooood Bye Dear Genie Braids

September is not here, but today makes a month since I put in my braids! I made it. I usually last only 2-3 weeks. I knew that if I gave myself two months, I would probably leave it in for a month or so. Psychology :).

I am soo excited about taking them out. I miss my short hair.

A Very Short Review Of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

There is no doubt that Stieg Larsson is a genius.  Glad  he submitted the manuscripts of the trilogy before he kicked the bucket. May his soul, therefore, rest in a writer's peace and his name live forever.  I must say so is Reg Keeland, a genuis. Who? My point exactly! He is the English translator of the series. And he doesn't appear on the cover. No Sirs and Madams. You will have to open a few pages first and find the tiny font that says "Translation copyright © 2009 by Reg Keeland."

In the past, I couldn't be bothered with "who" translated. I didn't give a farting cow. Until poetry happened.  And the realization that translation in itself is an art.  (Thanks to my first poetry Professor.) There are several words Keeland could have chose to narrate Larsson's words, and his choices are what made the books what they are, to the English read and  to me. Thrilling, and awfully well written. A joy to read.  So this is my thank you to Keeland.  You…