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Exhibitions at Jenkins Johnson Gallery


Addictions: Books

To be under the chains of something that's absurdly out of your control is appalling and a feast for the goosebumps.
I don't drink. One reason is to eliminate any chances of waking up one day and thinking of AA Meetings--"Hello, my name is Jane and I am an alcoholic!" I have been challenged on this theory several times. But I am persistent  in my desire to go to the grave knowing that I was sober my entire life.

But I do have an addiction. Books. I'm not a nerd. I have serious grammar and spelling issues. My vocabulary is very limited and there are many books I won't touch unless I really have to.  However, there are certain books that grab me by the hair and shove me under their covers and I'm glad to let them.  When I find a book that excites me, it's a trip.  I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't wish to eat anything, or do anything. I just want to read until there is nothing  to read. "Hello my name is Jane and I am addicted to cer…

Etsy Shop

I really got into the crafts thing.  I have always loved making things. Way back when I didn't even realize it was a nice thing to do, I used to make presents for my friends, I usually prefer to make a present than simply buy one.  Not having a job and the stress of finding one has kept me wanting to do something that I can loose myself in.  Reading does it for me but crocheting does a better job until my hands start to hurt, now I have sewing also! And making pretty hair accessories, and necklaces.

Through my new obsession with my hair, I have been trying to find hair accessories to spice up my short tropical rain forest.  My new obsession with You Tube brought me the realization that I can make these hair accessories myself, very exciting! I got into it, and I am loving it.

I made a necklace for my friend recently and she exclaimed, "You can sell this, Jane!" I thought very little of it at the time, but my joblessness is really nagging me.  My internship pays extreme…

Braids Update

I promised to post  pictures of my genie braids so I will be doing so here.  I said my braids would be better than the previous ones I got for $50, I believe they are.  Because I did them myself, I did them exactly how I wanted them to be;  I plaited the size and quantity I wanted and though it could be a tad bit lovelier, it's the second time I am braiding my own hair so I am very satisfied with what I have got.
I love genie braids in that, the older they get, the lovelier they become.  On Saturday, a man with dreads complimented me on my "dreads." "Your dreads are beautiful," he said, and I replied with a thank you! Of course, I wouldn't even think to stop him and make him understand

that what he thinks is hair is actually
 black acrylic yarn!

The other thing I love about these braids is that they are fun to wash and they dry very quickly.  I washed my hair on Sunday evening and it was dry before I went to bed (at almost 4am, I was reading). I can still sm…

ID Or No Nyquil!

I was sick! This weekend, I had very serious symptoms (I'm being overly dramatic, ignore me.) It's, I think the second time I have been sick this year.  I was dizzy and weak and had bright red eyes, a continuos flowing nose and bloody devilish headaches.  I couldn't make it to my poetry writing workshop, I didn't bother to update my wordpress blog. I couldn't make it to anywhere or do anything fun.  I sat home in front of the TV and watched HGTV and read a little. (I'm reading two books at once.)

As the title stated, you may find yourself under a anxiety's sharp teeth if you are a Nyquil lover (worse if you are Nyquil-obsessed) and under 18... or not. You can't just walk into, say Duane Reade and just buy a bottle or capsules of Nyquil.  You will need an ID, sirs and madams!  I was flabbergasted when I went in to get a fix for my outrageous symptoms and the cashier asked me if I was over 40 or perhaps she said 45.  I was sick, my listening skills were th…

Broadway Review: Hair

By Thursday I had had enough of my so call anti-social week.  A little persuasion from my boyfriend  landed me in Time Square (an awful place to be if you want to get away from people) to see Hair.  I love Broadway but I am not a very big fan of musicals.  The first musical I saw was Phantom of the Opera and though I liked it, I wished the intermission would have been the end of it all.  They all sound the same to me. All that singing.  Now, plays are something entirely different.  I think the most boring play I saw was The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore and I still loved it.  I don't care how bad a play is, I can stand it. I can laugh at them or laugh with them. With musicals I can only laugh with them or yawn at them.

Back to Hair, I read some pretty good stuff about it from the NY Times so I was hopeful.  It was not for me. They were really engaging, had great stage presence and were all over the audience.  I even got a real flower and there was some nudity and contr…

Been Down

I am not afraid of certain emotions like emotional pain, too much excitement and such. I am afraid of anger and fear. Those really scare me. I have not been writing much because I have been feeling a bit down lately. Nothing to scratch a scalp about, at least not with claws.

I finished Demon Glass the second day after my post. I've been reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and it is awfully well written. I'm really enjoying reading it but it's not a page turner so I'm being slow with it.

Also my hair got shoved into genii braids. It was completed yesterday. I started on Tuesday. I am going to try and keep it in for at least six weeks but knowing me, it would probably be more like three weeks. I'm going to go feel sorry for myself a bit more.

This week is for self pity and depression. Don't be sorry if I don't post anything until next week. Believe me you don't want to hear me whining about how awful life is, especially because I don't believe so and…