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My Thing With Friendship

Most people meeting me for the first time, usually say that I seem a nice person.  I am.  When you start getting to know me better, you will either think me pretty awkward or pretty alright.  I am both of these things. With those we find it difficult to be ourselves with, we are awkward, and with those we find an immediate bond, we are amusing and interesting.  This is how I get an inclination of who may remain an acquaintance and who may become a friend.

I have made several great friends over the years and this has always been a good underlining factor.  The people I can call any time of the day and expect them to want to be there for me, are accepting of who I am.  Yes, they do call me crazy to my face and behind my back but without the malice that others intend.  In fact they usually say it as a form of compliment.  It is their way of showing their inability to understand me but also their acceptance of who I am. These people also know that they can count on me to be there for the…

A Frustrating Argh Moment

I made plans to get me hair braided today.  I called exactly a week ago from today to schedule an appointment.  I called yesterday to confirm my appointment and I called twenty minutes earlier today to let the hair-braider know I will be on my way shortly.

She picked up, with that voice that escapes your throat when you are awaken by the phone. "Oh! I forgot" she says, "Please give me a few more minutes to ready-up and I will call you afterwards!"  She calls back 45 minutes later, I was almost done watching Glee, and says "I'm sorry, I'm sick.  I can't braid your hair today. How about tomorrow...blah, blah, blah"  And so I cut her off with "Thank you for letting me know. I  will have to go now, bye."

I was pissed for a few minutes and then it dawned on me, why bother get someone to do my braids? I can do it myself! And it would only cost me my time, and that's one thing I have plenty of at the moment. It is what you get these da…

Drumroll Please, It Is My Very First Post!

It rained today. The uninterrupted stretch of pavement is now brown and not gray, cleaner.  I can hear the wetness as the cars zoom off on the highway, about a minute from my window.

So why this blog? Well it is mostly because I am too lazy to keep a diary, and partly because I miss writing for the sake of writing.  I need a new challenge.  Something that can help me pay more attention when I read the NY Times or Thomas Hardy.  I need a place where after sharing my craziness, I can calmly reach the realization that there was nothing really crazy in the first place.

I want to interact with you. Hopefully teach you something, but mostly learn something from you.  And so I am here, and very glad that it has been raining like the sea replaced the skies. You know, it got rid of a good percentage of pollen from the air which has helped put a stop to the allergy-like symptoms that had been threatening me in the beginning of this spring.