Analysis of Du Fu's (杜 甫) The Arrival of a Guest



The Arrival of a Guest by Du Fu

Translated by Peter Harris

There are spring waters each side of my house, to the north and south;
All I see are flocks of gulls that come here day after day. 

We haven’t had to clear the path of blossoms for visitors;
The wicker gate has been opened for you today for the first time.
The market is far away and our simple dishes are all much the same
In my poor home my jars of ale are just a coarse old brew.
If you are willing to have a drink with the old man who lives next door,
I’ll call him over across the fence, and we’ll finish the last few cups.

Certain poems pull one with the promise that knowing them would bring about a certain worthwhile experience or perhaps it is so when the poem successfully answers to what Amiel expresses in his journal as, “The reader desires in the poet something better than a juggler in rhyme, or a conjuror in verse; he looks to find in …

Basics: Quick & Simple No Knead Oatmeal Bread Recipe

I am working on a poetry analysis for the blog but it is taking a minute so this week I'm sharing my rave of the moment. A super easy bread recipe for those of us who believe in homemade bread but do not care for a long tedious process of bread making. Giiiive me aaaaHallelujah mate! ^_^
I've been wanting to make my own bread since like forever, and I finally started a couple of months ago after I found these amazing fast and easy, simple ingredients, no knead bread recipes on YouTube.

My recipe is a combination of two slightly different ones and my own preferences.

Recipe by Jenny Can Cook (3 hours fermentation)
Materials | Dutch-oven pot with oven safe lid, deep mixing bowl, spatular, wax paper, plastic wrap,  scraper for shaping bread, kitchen towel
Ingredients | 3 cups all purpose flour + 1 tsp salt + 1/4 yeast + 1 & 1/2 cup of very hot water (130º F)
Prep| - mix flour, salt and yeast in a large mixing bowl with a spatular
- when ingredients are well mixed add 1 & ha…

Presently: September 2019

I let out the crickets here, didn't I? The thing is there're now some significant changes to my life  which are affecting my time and energy. I moved out a couple of months ago and I have caught the interior decorating bug––I keep re-arranging the space! I am also suffering lots of chores and increased work hours so I can feed that thing we call the rent. I feel more matured and as if I'm on a cool adventure. Having a place to myself feels quite awesome and I am happily able to be as weird as I please without freaking anyone out. O_O I am filled with lots of gratitude, obviously my Guardian Angel has been working tirelessly on my behalf. And because I am also working on a few things it's been challenging to make time to write here. But I am working out a simple routine that would allow me time for old favorite hobbies, like writing here. Now that you're briefed here's what I am thinking presently.

If my life were some sort of streaming show you followed, what …

Photographie: Dans une ville

liberté, égalité, fraternité  --- JAO

Translating Prévert: De langage dément

De langage dément
Par Jacques Prévert

Le langage dément dément le langage savant
Le langage savant ça vend des idées

Brocanteurs d’idées
receleurs d’idées
Quand l’art est de rigueur
l’art est nié.


Insane Language
(Trans. J. A. Odartey)

Insane language rejects the erudite’s tongue
The learned tongue that sells ideas

Antique dealers of ideas
reservoirs of stolen ideas
When art lacks flexibility
it lies.